Southeast Federation of Mineralogical Societies Annual Meeting
Georgia Mineral Society December Show
Norcross and Suwanee, Georgia
December 10-12, 2004
Text by Mike Streeter
Pictures by Jim Flora, Jay Gorday and Mike Streeter

The Southeastern Federation of Mineralogical Societies' (SFMS) annual meeting was held in Suwanee, Georgia, near Atlanta, on Saturday, December 11, 2004. A banquet/meeting was held that evening to install the new officers for the upcoming year. The SFMS events were hosted by the Georgia Mineral Society (GMS) in conjunction with its December Rock and Mineral show that ran from December 10-12 at the North Atlanta Trade Center in nearby Norcross.

Chrissy and I drove down on Friday, December 10th, to get a jump on the meeting and to visit the GMS show. We spent the afternoon roaming around the large and excellent show. We ran into and spent a lot of time talking to friends, both vendors and vendees (is that a word?). The GMS show was one of the best that we had ever attended. In addition to a wide assortment of rockhounding related items, such as rocks, minerals, and lapidary, there were micromount and lapidary demonstrations and fantastic club display cases and exhibits. It was a very well-rounded show that had something that just about anyone would enjoy.

As the North Carolina State SFMS Director, it is my duty to attend quarterly SFMS meetings to participate in discussions and to vote. It is also my duty to present an annual report on the the previous years happenings in the State. The December annual meeting is most important as this is when the election of new officers takes place. We spent Saturday morning hashing out and voting on various issues and items. The meeting was enlightening and surprisingly entertaining as the room was filled with an assortment of somewhat eccentric but good-natured rockhounds from all walks of life - so, naturally, Chrissy and I fit right in.

After the SFMS meeting, we had lunch with a group of friends and spent the better part of the afternoon at the GMS show. We revisited some of our favorite rocks, minerals and fossils that we had seen on Friday, but spent most of our time shooting the bull with friends, old and new. I participated in the GMS auction of donated items. I couldn't resist repeatedly raising my assigned number when a certain item was being auctioned. Much to the delight of Chrissy, I ended up winning a beautiful stone vase that now resides on our kitchen table - where it belongs! I am not generally much for purchasing rocks, as we don't know what to do with much of we have already dragged home from our many collecting trips, but the auction was for a good cause and, besides, that vase had my name on it!

We attended the SFMS banquet hosted by the GMS Saturday evening where we were treated to good food and better company.

The new SFMS officers for the upcoming year were officially installed during the evening and thanks were given to the previous year's officers for their service and dedication.

Lots of gifts were bestowed on the participants during a raffle. Although I was clearly eager to win a prize, my ticket number was never called so I had to be content with one of the paper crowns given to all who attended that fine event. Despite my rotten luck during the raffle, I took solace in knowing that I was the one-and-only "King of Foot" - this seemed to tickle Chrissy to no end. That's just plain water in those glasses - how is that for scary?!

We had a terrific weekend hanging out at the show and attending the various SFMS and GMS events. We even were able to fit in some quality time with my big Sis' and her crew in nearby Roswell before the weekend was over, and that was "icing on the cake".