Petrified Wood near Eugene, Oregon
August 30, 2003
By Dan Kelley

Hi Everyone,

I guess I will try my hand at giving a field trip report.

I decided to go out to get some P-Wood from a local area I hadn't tried for about 6-7 years. So I headed out by myself Saturday for Childer's Creek, it is about 20 miles NE of Eugene. The area is in an active creek bed, so I figured I had better get out there before the winter rains hit, else it would be under water till next year. Anyway, I got to the area about 9 am, and headed straight down to the creek; I went fast because they were calling for temps to be 95 that day. I walked the creek bed, which was pleasant at times, but had to do A LOT!! of under log, over log, through bushes kinda thing, but I can always use a workout. The creek is about 15 feet wide, and the water is anywhere from 2 inches to two feet deep, with a good covering of trees over head. Well the first mile, I only found one piece about the size of a deck of cards, so I keep walking, the next mile, I think I found two more pieces about the same size. I'm starting to wonder, because last time I went years ago, I remember we had to leave a lot behind because there was just too much of it, where is it now? So I move on towards the third mile, and now it is getting towards noon. It must be nearing 90, but the creek area is so humid seems like 150 degrees, Oh well keep walking. Well after about a half dozen pieces, I start thinking, OK, this is getting way to hot, and I have several miles back to the truck, so I start looking for an easy way back to the road, (the road parallels the creek, but at times is straight up and down with extreme brush), and wouldn't you know it, I found a fairly easy way out that I can see up ahead, but at about the same time, I start noticing bigger pieces of P-Wood, So I filled my pack up, with about 35-40 pounds of P-wood. I thought what the heck go another mile up the creek, well I was about to do that, and when I put my pack on, I came to the conclusion that I have enough P-wood for one day, (getting way to hot now). So up to the road I go. I marked the spot so know I know where to start next time. Well I made it the 3 or so miles back to the truck OK, about 5 pounds lighter due to water loss, but made it.

So anyway, I ended up with 35-40 pounds of very solid softball sized chucks of P-wood, I think it is Myrtlewood, but not sure, some has some fractures filled with blue agate, (pretty close to Holley Blue area), and the grain just pops right out, very nice wood. I made one cab of it already, got a few oooohs, and aaaaahs. The average piece was 3-4 pounds. I hope to try there again next weekend before the rains hit, (hopefully soon), but now I know where to start, instead of walking 3 miles to get to the "Start".

Probably weren't the most exciting trip, but a lot of fun none the less. Saw fresh bear track too, no bears though.

Thanks for listening,


Sorry for typos, early here yet!! ;-)