Chamber's Mountain, Haywood County, North Carolina
July 13, 2003
By Mike Streeter

Hey Gang,

Chrissy and I spent a wonderful day last Sunday on Chambers Mountain in Haywood County, North Carolina. We went there with our friends from Florida, Mickey and Barbara Cecil and their two good-natured and well-mannered children, Rachel and Matthew. This location is feaured in my book and as an excellent location to find kyanite in a mica schist and/or quartz matrix; the rocks occur as float over a relatively large area.

It was a typical hazy summer day in the Smokies. The view from Chamber's mountain is worth a trip all by itself.

View westward from Chamber's Mountain
Haywood County, North Carolina
(Click on the picture to enlarge)

We all hiked for several miles across high mountain pastures and steep slopes in the adjacent forest looking for kyanite boulders. Mickey had a terrific eye for spotting kyanite even though most of the rocks are heavilly coated with iron-oxides, lichen and moss. Finding something worth keeping means that you have to carry it, so I was happy that Mickey kept finding most of the big stuff. Rachel and Matthew had to lend him a hand with part of his booty.

I have yet to clean the few rocks that we dragged home I have taken pictures of material that we have collected there in the past. The following are a couple pictures of the material that one might be able to find on Chamber's Mountain on a good day.

We made got off the mountain with about an hour to spare before the sky opened up with yet another late afternoon thunderstorm.

As usual, I'm a little backed up in the cleaning department, but I'll get to it soon enough.