McRocks Cookout & Rockswap 2008
Spruce Pine, North Carolina
June 28, 2008
Report by Mike Streeter

This year's McRocks' rockswap and cookout took place again at the Springmaid Mountain Resort near Spruce Pine. It was a perfect venue for one of the absolute best rockhound gatherings that I can remember. As you can clearly see in the pictures below, we all enjoyed yet another terrific day with our friends.

Left to right - Litha Adams, Kristen Green,
Wayne Osborne, Jim Adams & Mike Kosicki on deck

Mike K. & Nate on Deck

Mike Kosicki at swap tables

Group at Swap (giveaway) tables

Group at Swap (giveaway) tables

Cheryl & Chrissy in Kitchen

Left to right - Janice Polly, Phil Koble,
Harry Polly & Larry Huffman

Kristen Green

Left to right - Harry Polly,
Phil Koble, Everett Harrington
& Theresa Koble

Left to right - Phil Koble, Harry Polly,
Larry Huffman & Brenda Huffman

Cheryl Cornell & Jim Flora

Jim Stoops & Chrissy Streeter

Ernie Walker & Everett Harrington Grilling

Everett Harrington

Ghost of Ernie

Ernie & Everett

Left to right - Phyllis Walker,
Celia Harrington & Ernie

Nate and Beth Selig

Left to right - Laurie Skubon,
Ethan Martin and Beth Selig

Bruce Skubon

Bruce, Ethan and Laurie came up with the bright idea of creating a t-shirt especially for the occasion and that each of them wore. I didn't notice it at first, but enjoyed a good laugh when Laurie's handiwork was pointed out to me!

Left to right - Jim Adams, Wayne Osborne
Litha Adams & Michelle Schaeffer

Litha & Michelle

Julie Selig

Julie Selig & Mali Koble

Mali, Phil & Theresa Koble

Left to right - Wayne Osborne,
Jim Adams & Mike Kosicki

Litha, Kristen & Wayne

Phil & Theresa Koble

(photo by Phil Koble)

Chrissy and I greatly enjoyed this year's event and thank all who attended for making it one of the best ever. We might just have to do it again next summer!