The cover pages of Rock & Gem Magazine issues containing articles
by Michael Streeter, article titles and issue details are as follows:

September 2004
Volume 34, Number 9

Monroe County Meanderings
Collecting Southern
Indiana geodes
February 2005
Volume 35, Number 2

Copper Country Collecting
Mine dumps yield specimens
in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

March 2005
Volume 35, Number 3

Adventure at Diamond Hill
Quartz mine collecting
yields three varieties
December 2005
Volume 35, Number 12

Wilkes County Amethyst
Quartz prospecting in
northeastern Georgia

March 2006
Volume 36, Number

Chunky Gal Mountain
Corundum Hunt

North Carolina has
stones in all colors
June 2006
Volume 36, Number 6

Graves Mountain
Mineral Collecting

Finding rutile, hematite
and goethite in Georgia

February 2007
Volume 37, Number 2

Bountiful Bancroft

A collectible variety
in a small area
March 2007
Volume 37, Number 3

the Rowley Mine

Wulfenite & mimetite in
Arizona's Maricopa Co.

October 2007
Volume 37, Number 10

Keokuk Geode Jackpot!
Collectors visit
the right place at
the right time
August 2008
Volume 38, Number 8

Hot Pennsylvania

An active quarry produces
calcite, strontianite
and wavellite

March 2009
Volume 39, Number 3

Chunky Gal Corundum Hunt
A fire lays bare new collecting
areas in North Carolina
May 2012
Volume 42, Number 5

The Ray (Wray) Mica Mine
Collecting apatite and other
minerals in North Carolina

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