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Entrance to adit
(click on pictures to enlarge)

Looking outside from main adit entrance

magnetite, calcite,
pyrite & hedenbergite

magnetite, epidote
and feldspar

I made the following cabochons from material collected from this mine (cab pictures do not enlarge):

Update: I received the following unsolicited email message April 13, 2011:

Mr. Streeter,

I saw your notice on your website about someone claiming to have mineral rights at the Cranberry Iron Mine. I am writing to inform you that the state owns all mineral rights on the Cranberry Iron mine property (Avery County Deed Book 351 p1283-1285). In addition, the state holds an easement on the property which expressly prohibits mineral collection (Article II(e), Avery County Deed Book 351 p1543). If you would like copies of these documents, I can forward them to you. Any individual claiming to have legal right to spoil piles etc. at that property is misrepresenting him or herself or breaking the law. I received a call from another enthusiast about an individual claiming rights there as well. I assure you that no one has legal access to the site for collecting minerals for the time being. In fact, the conservation easement would have to be amended in order to allow the public to collect minerals, even from the spoil piles, in the future. Finally, the surface landowner would have to allow access on top of all that. I just wanted to clear the issue with you since I know that you are an active and respected member of your community. We have been and continue to monitor the site via remote cameras (attached). Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.


Kendrick Weeks