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Agates of Argentina
Cuyean, Patagonian & Mesopotamian Regions

By Ricardo & Claudia Birnie
October 2007

Banded Agate and Chalcedony
New South Wales, Australia
By Darren J.
June 2004
My Australia Trip
Banded Agate and Chalcedony
New South Wales
Scott Braley
June 2004
Smoky Quartz
Mooralla, Victoria, Australia
By Bob Jackson.
November 2010

Iowa - Minnesota - Ontario - South Dakota
By Virgil Richards
June 2003
Long Lake Zinc Mine
Long Lake Village, Ontario, Canada
By Joe Dunleavy
May 28, 2005
Bancroft Area Mining
Ontario, Canada
By Ronald Burke
July 2005
Bancroft Area Rockhounding
Ontario, Canada
By Mike Streeter
August 2005
Boulder Creek Amethyst Mine
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
By Jim Adams
May 2008
A Return to Thunder Bay, Ontario
By Jim Adams
May 2009
Blue Point Mine
Pearl, Ontario, Canada
By Ian Merkel
October 2010

Gem Hunting
Hebei Province, China

By Steve McGrew
September 2005

The Easter Vein
Elbaite Tourmaline
Elba Island, Italy
By Sarah Sudcowsky
April 1996

Herb's Japan Beach
Aomori Prefecture, Honshu, Japan
By Herb Bastuscheck
June 13, 2004
The Evolution of Owls
Aomori Prefecture, Honshu, Japan
By Herb Bastuscheck
May 2005

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